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2011 Toyota 4Runner
2011 Toyota 4Runner

Sold: February 18, 2014

After owning the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon for a few months, I came to realize that it wasn’t what I wanted. When I went to test drive it, I made sure not to bring my son as I didn’t want to move his car seat. So the day that I bought it and switched the car seat over, I was a little shocked at how tight the fit was. The other thing was that I didn’t like how it couldn’t seem to hold 70 mph on the highway. Unless you kept your foot into the gas pedal, it always seemed to fall back to about 62 mph.

As I was driving along I-90, I was passed by a newer model Toyota 4Runner. Being a Jeep guy since 1998, I never looked outside of the brand at any vehicles. Later that night, I was on the Internet looking at the Toyota website.

Project Runner: Stock

Project Runner: Stock

I really liked the 4Runner Trail edition which has a slightly more aggressive look to it. However, no one in the Buffalo area had any in stock. After looking and test driving the SR5 model, I was in love. At this point, I was working through numbers to find out if I could trade in the Jeep and not lose too much. Luckily I got the Jeep at a good price, so I was able to swing the deal by trading it in.

Vehicle Specifics:

  • 2011 Toyota 4Runner SR5
  • Heated Leather Seats
  • Sunroof
  • More specifics coming soon

In February of 2012, I was driving off the lot of Northtown Toyota in a new 2011 Toyota 4Runner SR5. Later that night, I was making plans on what I was going to do to it.


  • Husky Floor Liners
  • Two-Way Security System with Remote Start

Plans that I have for the 4Runner:

Phase 1: In Progress

Phase 2

  • Some Sort of Winch Mount for the 4Runner
  • Warn M8000 Winch (Already have)
  • Cobra 75 WX ST CB and Antenna (Already have)

Phase 3

  • Possibility of some sort of roof rack – Gobi?
  • If I do a roof rack, I would get some extra lighting