Project Cherokee: ARB Bull Bar Installation

Project Cherokee with ARB Bull Bar.
Project Cherokee with ARB Bull Bar.

ARB Bull Bar Installation

Follow along as we perform an ARB Bull Bar Installation. After having the Ramsey Grille Guard and winch on the Cherokee for several years, I decided to switch to an ARB Bull Bar. Initially when I first got the Cherokee, I wanted to leave the factory bumper and driving lights on it, but still wanted to add a winch. Now that the truck is several years old, I decided to go ahead with the Bull Bar plans.

Please note: This is an illustration on how to install the ARB Bull Bar. This is a simple documentation and not a substitute for the manufacturer’s directions. This shows other Cherokee owners what they can expect installing the bumper on their vehicles. As with any install, use extreme caution and always read the directions.

ARB Install Pieces / Warn Winch Pieces.

Step 0: The first step in the installation process is always to make sure you have all of the necessary pieces. Check the mounting kit to make sure it contains all of the hardware needed to install the bull bar.

Remove bumper endcaps.

Step 1: The first step in the installation process is to remove the bumper end caps. There are 4 different bolts holding them on. Access them from underneath. The first two are held on by nuts and bolts, the nuts are located inside the bumper area. They require being held by a wrench otherwise they spin.

Remove tow hooks and brackets.

Step 2: The next step is to remove the front tow hooks. This is only done if you have them. (Either aftermarket or from the factory if you have the Up Country Group.) There is also a reinforcement bracket on each side if you have the Up Country Suspension Group. This will have to be removed. The tow hooks will fit back on with the grille guard, but the bracket will not.

remove bumper and vacuum canister.

Step 3: The next step is to take the bumper off. However, before actually doing this, there are a few small steps to do. First off, if you have the factory driving lights in the air dam, you must disconnect them. This is an easy step as there are disconnects. The next step is to undo the vacuum canister from the bumper. This is accomplised by undoing two torex screws. To take the bumper off, there is four torex bolts. Tow on top, two on the bottom. They are T-47.

Remove bumper reinforcement brackets.

Step 4: You will now remove the two black brackets that reinforce the bumper. These will not be reused. The winch mount kit comes with heavier duty brackets that provide support for the winch.

Removing bumper bracket bolts.

Step 5: Now remove the vehicle bumper mounting bracket bolts. The bolt in the back will be reused, so do not discard. You will need to loosen them to insert the side plate bracket.

ARB Bull Bar Installation

Step 6: Unpack the ARB bull bar.

Install the upper winch mount brackets.

Step 7: Unbox the winch. At this point you will need to get the roller fairlead, or hawse fairlead if you plan to use one one of those instead.

This is what you are left with - ARB Bull Bar Installation

Step 8: At this point, you will need to align the roller fairlead with the bull bar and mark the holes. The roller fairlead will need new mounting holes drilled into it. You will also need to pull the clips at the top of the left and right rollers. You will use the two long bolts that came with the ARB mounting kit to go through the bull bar and roller fairlead. Make sure you don’t over tighten the nuts at the bottom or the fairlead won’t roll.

start bolting together the grille guard.

Step 9: Now you have the roller fairlead attached to the bull bar. It is now time to start the winch installation.

The grille guard is now installed.

Step 10: Flip the bull bar over to gain access to the backside. At this step it is advisable to have a friend help with holding / lining the winch into place given the weight.

Reinstall the front tow hooks.

Step 11: At this point, I don’t really have any mounting pictures as I performed the installation alone. It is a pretty easy install. There are a few bolts that go through the front frame rails, and some nutstrips that slip into the frame.