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Sold: April 1, 2000

I had a Chevy S10 when I first got into four wheeling. To get more used to going off road, I joined the Central North Carolina 4x4 Club. This is where I first came across Jeeps, and what they could do. I first realized this wasn't the best off road vehicle when I was getting stuck on very minor off road trips, and the fact that a lift kit for it would run in the thousands of dollars. This is when I realized it was time for a new vehicle.

I really liked what the Wrangler was capable of, so this got me looking at those. The one that I really liked was the Sahara, which was the top level trim of the Wrangler line. I found one that I really liked at the Cary Auto Park and struck up a deal. Needless to say, the deal went through. So here is what I got:

The Sahara shortly after I bought it. Still stock.

This was just a start, I would end up doing a lot more to it before I was done. By the time I was well into it, I would have put over $3000 into it. This is what I did to it:

The Sahara all built up.
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