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Sold: December 20, 2009

Project Cherokee started out from space contraints with my past Jeep. As much as I loved my Wrangler Sahara, the space issue just kep coming up over and over. The biggest thing was when we went camping, and we could only bring half of our stuff.

Project Cherokee: Stock

So when the time came,I knew I wanted to stick with a Jeep vehicle because of their off-road prowess. As much as I liked the Grand Cherokee, I knew I couldn't afford one. Also, the WJ had just came out and didn't have too much in the aftermarket parts category. This led me to the Jeep Cherokee or XJ. I already knew what these vehicles could when; built up, so it was a fairly easy choice.

When I started looking for a Cherokee, used vehicle prices where high. This made me start looking at new vehicles. Needless to say, I had the dealer locate one for me with all the options that I wanted. I ended up getting several options that I really wanted, such as Up Country, towing package, tinted windows, cruise control, etc. Anyways, after some modifications, this is where I am at.

Project Cherokee on Trail #11 @ Paragon

Off-road Modifications

Other Modifications

XJ With Bull Bar

The XJ Project has progressed in several phases over the years. This section details what took place in each phase, as well as the rough timeline for each phase. This doesn't cover every little modification, just some of the larger ones that were made along the way.

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